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About The Clothier Family
The name Clothier is an interesting and unusual surname, it is of Anglo-Saxon origin and comes  from an occupational name for a seller or maker of Cloth and Clothes. Job descriptive surnames  originally denoted the actual occupation of the name bearer and then later became hereditary. My Grandfather did a lot of research into the family name . After he died I decided I would  carry on finding out about the name Clothier and searching for the links between the different  branches of the family and how we were all related. The surname can be found spelt Clother and  I have found an early spelling as Clothyer. These are known as Variants.  

In the beginning this branch of the Clothier's came from Stoke Sub Hamdon, a village in the  county of Somerset which is 5 to 6 miles North West of Yeovil and 2 miles South of Martock  railway station. The village is situated on the river Parret, many of the inhabitants used to  work in the glove making industry but agriculture was also a large industry. Some of the family  moved to Portsmouth in Hampshire and then in the early 1800's onto Charlton, Woolwich, London,  England and then spread out from there. I have relatives in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and America.

Robert Clothier 1779 - 1860 when he came to London he worked for Woolwich Dock yard making Tree Nails, he later became a timber dealer and set up a saw pit in Woolwich Road (later Albion Road) opposite the Lord Howick Hotel. In 1851 he was living at 55 Albion Road.He was at 26 Mount Street when he died in 1860 

Edward Clothier 1820 - 1888 shown in photo taken in 1858 of four brothers playing cards, Edward had a public House at Union Street, Deptford (The King of Prussia) he also had a bakers shop at Grove Deptford and the street directory of 1852 shows him as Baker at 5 Evelyn Place, Victoria Road, Deptford. He was a member of the Woolwich Guardians 1882 - 1884. 

In 1857 Benjamin Clothier went to Bendigo, Eagle Hawk, Victoria, Australia. Benjamin found a small Nugget and later run a shop. His wife Caroline and children Caroline, Ellen and Henry joined him in June 1861.When His Wife Caroline died in 1879 she was buried in Eagle Hawk Cemetery, when Benjamin Died in 1900 he was also buried in Eagle Hawk Cemetery. Edward and Caroline son Alfred Benjamin arrived in Melbourne, Australia in June 1960. Their other son Frederick stay in England.

In the early 1860's his brother Samuel Clothier his wife Ann and daughter Sarah came on assisted travel and arrived in Melbourne, Australia they also went to Eagle Hawk, Victoria, Australia.

Joseph William Clothier about 1852 built a shop at 51 Albion Road, Charlton. The shop became a  Baker's and Confectioners. After Joseph died his brother Edward Clothier  ran the business and  his son William Charles Clothier became a master baker and ran the business when his father  died. His son William Edward Clothier who was also a master baker helped ran the business. (51  Albion Road became known as 1a Woolwich Road Charlton).

In the early 1890's Joseph James Clothier Went to India. He died in India in 1909.

In the early 1900's Stanley Nowell Clothier went to Canada. He was married in Canada in 1906 and  died in Canada in 1966.

A variant of Clothier is CLOTHER

Data on the Clother's is available in the census or registers, in the census of 1841 the number of Clother's was 21 living in 5 different County's with an age range of 3 to 72 years old.
The census of 1881 shows 16 Clother's living in 3 different County's and a range of ages 5 years old up to 47 years old.
The census of 1901 also shows 16 Clother's living in 3 different County's with a age range of 14 years old up to 87 years old.
In the census of 1911 the number of Clother's was 24 with an age range of 9 to 75 years old. 
The 1939 register shows 37 Clother's living in 16 different County's with an age range of 3 to 84 years.

William Clother 1725 and Elizabeth Baxter were married on the  16 July 1746 and lived in Kent, their children were born in Chatham and Rochester Kent. John  Clother was born 1747 and died 1837, his brother William was born 1749, another brother Charles  was born 1757 and a sister Edith born 1759.
 John Clother born 1747 married Elizabeth Freshwater on the 17 Mar 1775 and had the following  children John born 1776, Fanny born 1780 and George born 1782. George Clother born 1782 died 2 Jul 1870 married on the 16 Jan 1803 to Elizabeth Thomas born  1786 died 1863 they had nine children.

I have at long last had a DNA test carried out. I used Ancestry autosomal DNA test because the results are matched to your ancestry account and family tree. The results provided are ethnicity, cousin matches, migration groups and ancestor groups. When i get DNA matches to others who share my ancestors i can verify this with my family history research the good old fashion way.

1841 Census
Clothier's in the England Census of 1841, there was a total of 353 people in twelve different county's. The county's are as follows Buckinghamshire 2, Devon 1, Dorset 16, Essex 1, Gloucestershire 3, Hertfordshire 3, Isle of Wight 3, Kent 33, Middlesex 26, Somerset 249, Surrey 5 and Wiltshire 11. the total of males was 196 and the total of females was 157. 

As can be seen from the above the largest number of people in one county was 249 in Somerset, if we split that into male and female, then we have males at 141 and females at 108. This is followed by Kent with 33 split males 19 and females 14. Middlesex has 26 split males 13 and females 13. 

The ages range from a baby of 4 weeks to a male of 80 years old.

1881 Census 
I have found information from the forebears.io that in the 1881 census in England Clothier's numbered 575 people, in Wales they numbered 32, in Guernsey 9 and in Jersey 6. They have also worked out that meant the name of Clothier in England was ranked 5,342th in Popularity.
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